Corporate Information

Continental Chemicals Ltd.
Regd. Office :A-7, Sec- 7

Election of Board Chairman

Sh. Naresh Chibba has intimated at the board meeting of the company that company required an independent director to be appointed as chairman as per company law and Mr.

Naresh Chibba suggested for Mr. Pradeep chopra as company Chairman
The board deliberated over the issue and thereafter passed the following resolution:

“Resolved That Mr. Pradeep Chopra will be the board chairman of company till further decision..”
Further resolved that Mr. Pradeep Chopra, as chairman or as Independent Director on the Board of Company will ‘no material relationship’ with the company, or its Directors or their relatives or partners or companies promoted by them, either directly or indirectly as a partner, shareholder or officer etc

Place : Noida
Date : 6.11.2013