About Continental Chemicals Ltd

Continental Chemicals Ltd. (CCL) was established in 1984 as a public ltd company with a shares listed at Delhi, Bombay and Kanpur stock exchanges but now currently only at Bombay Stock Exchange. CCL started its manufacturing activities in 1985 for the erstwhile Soviet Union to whom over five million tons of soaps and detergents were exported, and for the various units of the govt. of India including Ministry of Defence, Indian Railways, Indian Air Force, were the major buyers. CCL since 1993 i.e. after the disintegration of Soviet Union has manufactured soaps for various multinationals including Lever Brothers, Modi group and DCM group of companies.

However after the disintegration of Soviet Union the company has started the Software development in 1998. CCL has over the last 14 years progressed to provide software solutions to full consultancy, sales and training, ensuring brand owners gain maximum benefits that can only be gained from an integrated approach.

Over the years CCL has developed several services to enhance the online experience of all the stake holders by a significant amount.

Our dedication and focus solely on the Events industry has enabled us to enhance our services continuously and become the market leader for Online Solutions for Events.