Investors Contacts

For transfer / dematerilisation of shares, payment of dividend on shares, interest and redemption of debentures, and any other query relating to the shares and debentures of the Company:

(i) For Securities held in Physical and Demat form
Beetal Financial & Computer Services Pvt Ltd
99 Madangir, New Delhi - 110062
011-29961281-283 Fax 011-29961284

(ii) Any query on Annual Report
M/s Continental Chemicals Ltd.
A-7 Sector 7
Noida 201301, India
E-Mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

(iii) For institutional investors / analysts queries
E-Mail: [email protected]

Contact Detail of official assisting and handling Investor grievances
Mr. Naresh Kumar Chibba
Managing Director
[email protected]
Ph. No.: 0120-2423316

List of Director's

Name of the person Category PAN DIN/Membership No.
Naresh K.. Chibba Managing Director /Promoter AAAPC0429M 00376963 
Akshat Bhaskar Independent Director BBZPB8215K 06826121
Pradeep Kumar Chopra Independent Director/ Chairman ADWPC8289L 02306030
Sunaina Chibba Director AESPC9441H 00370454
Aditya Vikarm Chibba Director AJZPC9647D 02838045